Beginners Pilates

Pilates will take you out of your comfort zone. A beginners class will teach you about body alignment, posture and breathing. You will soon understand the benefits which will change the way you exercise forever!

Advanced Pilates Flow

It will not be long before you graduate to a more advanced class, giving you exercises that will give you the suppleness and sleek look that is the trademark of Pilates.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a series of postures designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility and fitness!

Pilates Fusion

A combination between pilates, yoga and mindfullness.

Functional Fitness

The best combination of pilates and yoga, strength and body toning. This is a total body workout incorporating strength, toning and flexibility!

Price List

Pilates - £8 Per Hour
Yoga - £8 Per Hour
Functional Fitness - £8 Per Hour
One To One Training - £50 Per Hour
Sports Massage And Body Works - £30 Per 30 Min - £50 Per Hour
Reiki - £40 For 45min